About Hawkfire Coven

Hawkfire Coven is an inclusive coven open to Seekers of any race, culture, ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, physical ability, income stability, or education level. Hawkfire is an initiatory, Gardnerian Wiccan Coven, and is focused on earnest magical and ritual training. The Coven is currently considering letters from serious Seekers. The Outer Court is operating online with twice-annual in-person training.

Hawkfire’s physical covenstead is in the University City area of Charlotte, North Carolina. A daughter of Foxfire Coven, Hawkfire practices Gardnerian Wicca as passed by our Long Island elders and is committed to Craft training for serious Seekers from all backgrounds. We are inclusive of all identities and believe that the Mysteries are individual revelations facilitated through this coven-based practice.

Information for Seekers

Seekers must have maintained an occult or magical practice for at least six months before applying. Seekers should also be familiar with the basic concepts behind a Wiccan practice, particularly the Wheel of the Year (the Sabbats), the ritual circle, and a sense of coven-based versus solitary practice. It helps if the Seeker has already observed a few Sabbats within a solitary practice.

Seekers unfamiliar with initiatory Wicca are strongly encouraged to read Traditional Wicca: A Seeker’s Guide by Thorn Mooney before sending a Seeker letter. Please see the Resources post for additional recommendations for those unfamiliar with these concepts.

Finally, Seekers should ideally be able to attend rituals in Charlotte, North Carolina at least twice a year, and on-line rituals twice a month. Although the goal of Coven-based practice is in-person group ritual, the High Priestess is committed to accessible and equitable craft training, and Seekers struggling to find a Coven or one that serves their particular interests within the context of Craft training are welcome to reach out. Because time zones are challenging, its preferable for distance Seekers to live within GMT -8 and -2 time zones, but this is not exclusionary.

About Wren Robin

High Priestess Wren Robin (wrencaprimulg@gmail.com) maintains a firm commitment to equity in Craft training. She is an initiate of Gardnerian Wicca and maintains a personal practice as well.

Wren also maintains a blog on her personal practice and where this intersects with her coven-based practice. While Wren is primarily a Priestess of the gods of ‘the Wice’, she also practices as a solitary witch, priestess, sorceress, and magician.  Like many witches and magicians, she balances this art with a career, family, community engagement, and assorted hobbies. 

While Gardnerian Wicca is hierarchical, Wren doesn’t pretend to have all the answers. In this blog, she shares her questions, tentative answers, pitfalls, and successes. While only some posts deal directly with Gardnerian Wicca, this should give prospective Seekers a sense of how Wren frames the pursuit of the Work within her own life, which naturally filters down to her management of Hawkfire Coven.

Hawkfire History

Hawkfire Coven started as an online Gardnerian Outer Court, created during the global pandemic of 2020. It operated from August 15th, 2020 to August 14th, 2021. Since the egregore formed in a physical coven is a truly unique and exceptional experience, Hawkfire Coven also helped sincere Seekers locate covens within their geographic region before admitting them to its own Outer Court. 

During its tenure, this online Outer Court had five Seekers from three different countries and four different time zones. Each member went on to pursue their paths independently with the full support and encouragement of the High Priestess. Wren is honored to have been a part of their paths.

Hawkfire re-started its online Outer Court in June 2022.