Hawkfire Re-Opening

A lot has happened since Hawkfire shuttered last August, and I’ll spare you the details (for now).

But I’ve decided to open up the books for Hawkfire once again. You can email Seeker letters to wrencaprimulg@gmail.com.

While reincarnated Hawkfire will primarily be an in-person Coven based in Charlotte, North Carolina, I’ve decided to keep a hybrid, online option open to select Seekers on a case-by-case basis. My sense is that most of these Seekers will end up moving on to other, in-person Covens later on. But if I can balance on-line with in-person, well, I think I have the ‘spoons’ for it.

The home page of this site lists specific information about Hawkfire, and all sincere Seekers who send thoughtful letters of inquiry will receive a response.

One thing I noticed is that many Seekers aren’t sure what to put in a Seeker letter and often give too little information. (Or too much info that isn’t directly helpful). To assist with this, I’ve added an entire page of information just for writing Seeker letters.

This page includes a (nauseatingly long!) list of possible questions to address in your Seeker letter. Please don’t be scared off by this! You’re Seeker letter doesn’t need to be a novel (and shouldn’t be). But it can be very helpful to ask yourself these questions before you write a Seeker letter. This process can illuminate why you are Seeking and what you are Seeking, and can also help a Covenleader decide if they can assist you along your path. For example, you may realize that now is not the time to Seek with a Coven, or you may realize initiatory Wicca isn’t what you really want or need. Conversely, you may realize that this is exactly what you want, and you’ll have a better idea of how to express that in an email or physical letter!

Anyway, I hope this all helps.

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