Repeat Play: Inclusive Wicca

As someone who studies social media technologies and how they shape informing sharing and shaping, I try to stay the fuck off Facebook. And most other platforms. (Well. Some Discords are near and dear to me.)

So when the latest brouhaha about transphobia in initiatory Craft blew up, my knee-jerk reaction was “Don’t give the haters air time!” Alas, social media sites are designed to gamify communication so the explosive discussion was inevitable.

I intend to not give the haters more air time here either.

However, I’m posting this for Seekers who might be confused by the whole thing or, worse, turned off from Seeking because of what they’re hearing. Please know, if you are a trans Seeker, there are plenty of inclusive Covens to choose from — easily the majority. And don’t be afraid to ask Coven leaders the hard questions to make sure they will really and truly be inclusive of you and your identities — inside of the circle as well as out. You do have choices!

Rather than spilling more ink, I’ll share two videos on this topic that speak to the question of trans inclusivity much better than I ever could.

An overview of the topic of trans inclusivity in Gardnerian Wicca if you’re new to questions and/or curious:

Trans People in Gardnerian Wicca? Artemis NYC

A reaction to the current social media discussion about trans inclusivity that expresses my feelings much better than I could:

“Traditional” versus “Reform” Gardnerians? by Jack Chanek

Seekers, if you’re called to these gods and this practice, there is a place for you. Full stop. You owe it to yourself to find that place that will embrace you as you are.

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