Before contacting a Hawkfire, Seekers are strongly encouraged to read or listen to the audiobook of Traditional Wicca: A Seeker’s Guide by Thorn Mooney. Hawkfire is an initiatory, Garnerian Wiccan Coven, and this book provides an excellent overview of what this means, and why a Seeker may (or may not) wish to pursue this particular magical practice.

Seekers are also encouraged to read How to Write a Coven Enquiry Letter by Yvonne Aburrow.

​Seeker letters should be emailed to High Priestess (HPS) Wren Robin at  All sincere and thoughtful letters will receive a response, although patience is appreciated. Please note that Hawkfire is a feminist, anti-racist, and intersectional coven, and coven leadership is committed to social and environmental justice broadly. This includes maintaining these ideals through inclusive practice. Race, gender identity, sexuality, education level, mental health history, and socioeconomic background should not preclude one’s involvement in the Craft.

Writing a Seeker Letter

Seekers are strongly encouraged to provide as much detailed information about their lives, circumstances, and experiences as possible. It is helpful to describe your interest in initiatory witchcraft as well as previous experiences and interests in witchcraft, paganism, magic, and/or the occult.

Below is a (ridiculously long) list of questions you may wish to address in your letter. Be gentle on yourself: don’t try to answer them all! But consider them all, and use them to help shape your letter.

Again, the more information you can provide a Coven leader, the easier it will be for them to assess your suitability for their particular Coven. It can be helpful to think of the Seeker letter as a magical object/act. It’s a work of practical correspondence and needs to be grounded in facts and information, but it should also be radically honest.

Personal Information

  1. What’s your legal name?
  2. What’s your craft name? (Not everyone has a craft name, and not every tradition requires it.)
  3. Preferred pronouns.
  4. Present gender identity.
  5. Current age.
  6. City, State.
  7. Your email (for Craft matters).
  8. Phone number (for Craft matters).

Practical Life Circumstances

  1. Do you have a spouse/partner/significant other?
  2. How do they feel about you being in Craft training? (Note: For Hawkfire, Seekers must let their partners know they are in Craft training and that skyclad ritual will eventually be part of ritual practice.)
  3. Do you have children and, if so, what ages are they?
  4. Do you have eldercare or other caregiving responsibilities?
  5. Do you have any animals? Do they have any special caregiving needs?
  6. Employer/School/Business.
  7. Highest education degree earned. (Note: For Hawkfire, educational experience is not a limiting factor, but it can help Covenleaders identify common experiences between current Coven members and Seekers.)
  8. Do you drive? And do you have reliable transportation to Charlotte?
  9. How many miles are you able to travel (one-way) for craft training?
  10. Would you be able to commit to one in-person meetings a month? What about two?
  11. Were you, or are you presently, in the military? If so, which branch? (Note: See above about educational experience — again, these practical life experiences can help Covenleaders identify commonalities between current Coven members and Seekers.)
  12. Do friends, family, and/or colleagues know you are Wiccan/Pagan/an Occultist? (Note: Hawkfire strictly preserves the privacy of all Craft members, and this is an expectation of Outer Court training as well as after initiation.)
  13. Are you comfortable drinking alcohol for ritual or being around alcohol if you do not drink?
  14. Do you have any allergies? Any food restrictions?
  15. Do you have any physical restrictions, limitations, or medical conditions I should know about? (Note: See remarks above about common experiences; this can also help Covenleaders design adaptive ritual experiences.)
  16. Do you have mental/emotional health challenges you are currently working with or have dealt with in the past? If they are current, how would you describe their impact on your ability to take care of yourself and your responsibilities? What are  you currently doing to make sure you can live your life to you best potential (i.e. therapy, medication, support groups, etc.) (Note: This is a very sensitivie question, and you may wish to discuss this in person with the Covenleader later in the interview process. Mental health challenges do not prohibit Craft training. But it is imperative there is an open line of communication between the Seeker, Coven leaders, and medical professionals to assure the wellness of the Seeker and Coven members.)

Background Experiences and Ideas About Magic and Religion

  1. What was your childhood religious upbringing and describe how it changed (if it did!)
  2. When and how did you become interested in Wicca (or Paganism, Occultism, etc.)?
  3. What are your thoughts about deity, and about the god and goddess of the Wicca?
  4. What are your thoughts about reincarnation or what comes after death?
  5. What are your thoughts about land spirits, ghosts, fairies, familiars, and other spirit forms?
  6. What is your definition of magic?
  7. What is your definition of witchcraft?
  8. What is your definition of religion?
  9. Which Sabbats have you celebrated in the past, if any?
  10. Have you cast a spell before? What did you do and how did it go?
  11. Have you cast a circle before? What did you do and how did it go?
  12. Have you ever been to a group ritual, open circle, or other Pagan or Occult group practice? If so, what was it like?
  13. What books about Wicca have you read?
  14. What books about magic and/or the occult have your read?
  15. Do you have any hobbies / other interests?
  16. What witchcraft or Occult Social Media accounts do you frequent?
  17. What witchcraft or Occult podcasts, vlogs, blogs, or other on-line resources do you frequent?
  18. What movies, graphic novels, books, or TV shows have influenced your ideas about Witchcraft and the Occult?

Why This Particular Tradition?

  1. What about Wicca appeals to you the most?
  2. Why do you want to study British Traditional Wicca/initiatory Wicca?
  3. In which Pagan, Occult, or Witchcraft related subjects are you most interested?
  4. What are your thoughts on initiation? How would you define it, and is it required to be Wiccan?
  5. What are your thoughts about gender identity and sexuality when it comes to Wicca?
  6. What are your thoughts on race, ethnicity, class, and income disparities when it comes to Witchcraft, Occultism, and Craft training?
  7. Have you ever practiced magic skyclad? Whether you have or haven’t, what are your thoughts and feelings about skyclad practice?
  8. What are your fears or concerns about the Occultism, Witchcraft, or Wicca?
  9. Describe your ideal Craft teacher.
  10. Describe your ideal Coven.
  11. Have you sought with other Covens (Gardnerian or otherwise)? If so, how did that go?
  12. Why are you seeking with this Coven specifically?
  13. What do you think you’ll get out of Coven training?
  14. What do you feel you could contribute to the group?
  15. What strengths, talents, or skills do you feel could contribute to the group?


  1. Is there anything else about you I should know?
  2. What questions do you have for me?